Silver Doggles® K9 Optix Rubber Protective Eyewear


SKU: S- 110191

K9 Optix brings the next generation of dog sunglasses. The frames are all one-piece coated rubber with a flexible nose bridge, which means no more screws or separate nose pads! These fashionable and functional glasses are a great addition to your canine's wardrobe, and your pup is the talk of the town with these -- why shouldn't they be? When safety and style meet, the end result is perfection!

  • Flexible silicone frame
  • Shatterproof 100% UV block lenses with small rhinestone decal on one lens
  • Soft adjustable elastic head & chin straps
  • Extra-wide nose bridge
  • Imported

Sizing chart:

Doggles Size Typical Size Dog Frame (inches/cm)
XXS 0-5 lbs 3.75 / 8.9
XS 5-10 lbs 4.25 / 10.8
S 9-25 lbs 5.25 / 13.3
M 20-60 lbs 5.5 / 14.6
L 50-100 lbs 6.75 / 17.1

Comes with instructions for wearing. Never leave your dog unattended while wearing Doggles; do not over-tighten straps.

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