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Funded: Yanchik the Fox Needs Nurturing

Funded: Yanchik the Fox Needs Nurturing

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When Yanchik the fox was rescued after a vicious dog attack, there was little hope for his survival. The nerves in his neck were severely damaged, leaving it bent and twisted, and his tail was contorted.

Upon rescue, poor Yanchik's body was so weakened that administering most conventional medications—even a necessary rabies vaccination—was too risky. Instead, doctors began a milder yet safer treatment protocol, slowly nursing this little fox back to health. Over time, they've been able to employ a broader range of medications for treatment and complete his vaccinations.

While Yanchik is on the road to recovery and regaining his strength, he isn't done healing yet and needs your help to cover his ongoing medical care. 

Support Yanchik the fox and others like him in need of medical care!
Location: Ukraine 
Medical Problem: Damaged nerves and twisted tail
Treatment: Medication and ongoing care

Yanchik was luckily rescued, but many animals in Ukraine still desperately need help. Your gift today supports the cost of care for animals like Yanchik, and helps Greater Good Charities provide shelters in Ukraine with much-needed veterinary equipment, heating and electricity. Donate now to support Greater Good Charities’ lifesaving programs. We're deeply grateful for your kindness.

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Customer Reviews

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Dear Yanchick

I also donated to this beautiful soul, it's absolutley heartbreaking to see the state of poor Yanchik. My heart goes out to him and I hope and pray his life is enriched in the future, you so deserve to have a lovely life. Kisses, hugs and love to you Yanchik!

Yanchik, the Fox

It is so distressing to see animals injured either by humans or other animals. I gave from my heart to help this poor fox overcome his severe injuries. I hope others can also donate to this fellow; he deserves the best. If he were a dog or cat, he would receive more attention. However, wildlife do need a helping hand in dire times. Danae M.

Yanchik the cutest fox

I donated for Yanchik, breaks my heart of what this poor fox had to endure. No creature deserves to be mauled by other animals! I only wish I could give more! I hope he is getting all the care and love he deserves and that he can start to feel better very soon!