Protect Elephants From Poachers


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Help provide drones to protect elephants from poachers. 

Elephants make up Africa's Big 5 (lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalos) which are economic drivers and draw in millions of tourists from all over the world. When the elephant population declines, the communities and national parks will be affected by their loss. Elephants are also keystone species: all animals around them benefit from their presence. has partnered with Elephant Cooperation to provide drones to deter poachers from working in areas where they fly with their program Air Shepherd. Elephant Cooperation also uses drones to monitor elephant activities to make sure they do not wander into villages and outside of park boundaries. The Air Shepherd program addresses human-animal conflict and the wildlife poaching crises in Kruger National Park.

The ultimate goal is to deter all poaching activities and to educate communities on the importance of the wildlife that they are sharing their land with so that the park will have no need for Air Shepherd to return.

You can help. Just $10 goes towards protecting elephants with the use of drones. 

The mission of Elephant Cooperation is to save elephants and wildlife while feeding and educating children. We achieve this by creating balanced and healthy communities so that people and animals live in harmony, by protecting the habitats of elephants and other animals, and by supporting the development of sustainable communities through education. Elephant Cooperation assists in providing food and water and in creating job opportunities. 

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