Help Girls in Afghanistan Attend School


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Girls in Afghanistan need your help to go to school and earn an education!

In Afghanistan, many people believe that education should not be a priority for girls, and discourage them from attending school. The literacy rate for women is less than half that of the literacy rate for men in Afghanistan, and young women have fewer opportunities. Girls who attend school struggle to find support from their families and often face harassment on the street as a result. Even girls whose families want them to go to school often cannot afford the costs of tuition, uniforms, meals, and transportation.

That's why is partnering with the Afghan Learning and Development Organization to help girls in Afghanistan earn an education! ALDO supports the educational opportunities of Afghan girls in Kandahar through secondary school. Because job acquisition in Afghanistan is particularly difficult for women, the program continues to offer skills training programs in specific areas like tech, business management, and English-language learning after graduation to successfully prepare the girls to get a job.

Muslima, and ALDO student

We're helping girls like Muslima (pictured right), an 11th grader in Kandahar.

I started my life in a society who were totally against women's right for education. I've faced bullies, challenges of sexual embarrassments on streets by men. To get education, I had to accept all the challenges I was facing that time, and had to face them and stand against them. Although, my family is poor and cannot afford a quality education for me, I've tried to be at my bests to study. I'm a very brave person, I love to read and watch TV all the time. I'm trouble shooter for myself and other girls. I want to be a leader for girls in my community and help them with issues that I've faced through out my life. - Muslima


You can help young women like Muslima attend school and learn the valuable skills they need to be successful. Your donation will support tuition, books, uniforms, and meals. Donate today!


The Afghan Learning and Development Organization (ALDO) is a professional leadership and business development education organization in southern Afghanistan. Registered with the Afghan Ministry of Economy, ALDO maintains a functioning board, transparent financial management, adequate physical facilities and regular assessment of beneficiary training needs. Highly qualified teaching staff provide over 500 women students in Kandahar with creative and innovative skills and employment-oriented education in Business Management, Communication, Information Technology and English language training.


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