Help Provide a Flock of Chickens


Help Provide a Flock of Chickens

$18 - Flock of Hens and a Coop for 1 Family $36 - Flock of Hens and a Coop for 2 Families $54 - Flock of Hens and a Coop for 3 Families $72 - Flock of Hens and a Coop for 4 Families Custom

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Help provide flocks of chickens to families in need.

In many parts of the world, families don't have enough healthy food to eat. Malnourishment continues the cycle of poverty because it makes work and school difficult—especially for children, who can't learn on an empty stomach!

That's why Greater Good Charities is committed to alleviating poverty in communities around the world, both by providing basic food & care and through providing tools & resources to individuals and communities for self-sustaining economic opportunity.

Through Greater Good Charities' egg-laying hen program, smallholder farmers are given hens and taught how to care for them including building their coops. The hen’s eggs provide a reliable source of nutrition for the farmer and his family.  As baby chicks come along, the farmer’s flock grows, and he is now able to produce enough eggs to either be sold for income or given to students at impoverished schools. 

safe and secure chicken coop

In Haiti, for instance, two farmers’ flocks of hens are now able to provide 200 children at Institute Edeline with protein in their daily school meals. This is so important as school is sometimes the only time when a child eats, and now they can have an even healthier meal.  Children who have access to nutritious meals do better in school and are less susceptible to illness, which can ultimately lead to a higher chance of success in their adult lives. This program supports numerous communities around the world where there is extreme poverty, hunger and malnutrition.

You can help expand our efforts to help families in need in communities around the world where there is extreme poverty, hunger and malnutrition. Just $18 provides a flock of hens and a coop for 1 family. With your contribution, we can give more hungry people the skills and resources they need to feed themselves and end the cycle of poverty. 

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. 
- Anne Isabella Thackeray Ritchie

Update From the Field:

Since February of this year, two farmers, Auguste Marie and Muxime Kattie, were funded by Greater Good Charities to receive 160 hens each and initiate their business as smallholder farmers. They started their training with Kore Foundation team members the first of February, have attended group trainings, and received daily visits by extension agents. They receive payment for the eggs their hens produce, those eggs are then gathered and redistributed to Institute Edeline. Since this February, 33,000 eggs have been delivered to Institute Edeline, providing  protein-rich daily school meals to 200 Haitian students, even during the persistent government shutdowns.

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Reliable and A Great Mission From The Animal Rescue Site

They have remained consistently goal-oriented and trust worthy for years .... accomplishing so much! The Animal Rescue Site only gets better and more extensive in how it helps people and animals. I'm proud to be able to do be a part of your efforts.

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