Help Clara Raise Her Piglets!

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Clara needs your help to raise her piglets, so they can all live long and happy lives!

Funds raised over the goal amount will help provide medical care to other shelter pets in need.


$3368 raised - $1,632 to go!


  • About Clara:
  • Location: Luther, OK
  • Breed: Pig
  • Shelter: Oliver and Friends Farm Sanctuary
  • Best Traits: Strength
  • Medical Problem: Difficult Pregnancy
  • Treatment: Assisted Birth, Bottle–Feeding Babies

    When Clara was brought to a local animal shelter, she was very pregnant. She needed a rescue to step up and take her into their program. Oliver and Friends stepped in to help, and sweet Clara went into labor just days after arriving on the farm.

    Clara delivered her first two piglets successfully, but after hours had passed, it became clear that intervention would be needed to make sure the remaining piglets were born safely.

    After X-Rays and assessment from the veterinary staff, 10 more piglets were manually delivered. Two required resuscitation, and sadly one of the two did not make it. The next morning, a 13th piglet was found still stuck inside Clara. The piglet had passed away, and was causing Clara significant pain, so the vet intervened once more.

    It was a difficult birth, but Clara now has 11 healthy piglets to care for, and she needs your help. Clara is not producing milk, so the babies must be bottle fed.

    You can help! Your donation will help Clara and her piglets thrive so they can be adopted into loving homes!



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