Help Operation Pit Stop Curb Overpopulation!

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Help Wings of Rescue save lives!

Like many communities, Bakersfield California shelters are overrun with pit bulls and pit bull mixes who are generally harder to adopt due to the breed having the stigma of being aggressive. Pit Bulls comprise a large percentage of the shelter population within Kern County. The only way to really stop the suffering is to reduce the population, not by euthanasia but through spay and neuter. While some people may think that spay and neuter is a basic part of providing care to a pet, many others for varying reasons do not. Finding a way to promote spay and neuter in communities where many people do not plan to provide it for their pet is critical to stop this cycle!

Operation Pit Stop is a spay/neuter project intended to provide over 300 free spay/neuters on its initial launch in the Bakersfield California community. 100 neuters will be performed the first day at the Bakersfield SPCA — and subsequent free spays and neuters will primarily be performed there as well. Anyone bringing a Pit Bull into Bakersfield SPCA for sterilization will be given a raffle ticket — with the winning prize being a 72–inch high definition television which Wings of Rescue and our partner, the Bark Avenue Foundation, will donate to the Bakersfield SPCA.

We are filming 30 second and 60 second promo videos at the Laguna Seca racetrack with a race car driver, Gustavo Yacaman on September 8th. These promos will be run on local television and radio as well as featured on various social media platforms. The goal is to incentivize and reach families that may not have considered providing this service for their pet for a financial or other reason. The message — it's cool to snip your pit!

YOU can help! Your donation will allow Wings of Rescue save lives.

Wings of Rescue flies large scale shelter to shelter transports from overcrowded shelters to shelters where there is empty kennel space - and where no local shelter pets are displaced by our flights




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