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In Armenia, thousands of stray dogs live their entire lives on the streets, through broiling summers and freezing winters. To control populations of homeless dogs, they are most often cruelly killed in the streets in mass cullings. Most homeless puppies are the babies of family pets that had an unintended litter, as many people believe sterilizing their pet "goes against nature".

For nine years now, volunteer-run non-profit Dingo Team has diligently worked in Armenia to care for its street dogs. This includes sterilization, vaccinations, and adoptions straight from the streets to loving, forever homes. Dingo Team has also been working feverishly for nearly a decade to promote sterilization among pet owners.

In recognition of Dingo Team's good work and humane approach to homeless dogs, the Armenian government has agreed that they will not kill dogs wearing a special Dingo Team collar. The collar signifies that the dog wearing it has been both sterilized and vaccinated by the Dingo Team. As the meaning of these collars spreads throughout neighborhoods, they even result in some street adoptions, and sterilization of family pets! This is one of Dingo Team's greatest achievements in the past few years. And now, with your help, Dingo Team will be able to extend their services to additional neighborhoods to save more dogs from a cruel death by culling.

You can help! As little as $4 helps save a stray dog's life.

Dingo Team is a no-kill charity organization comprised of volunteers; it is the first in Armenia that founded the concept of emergency aid for homeless animals in 2009. The organization saves animals with severe injuries, treats and cures them, and provides shelter for them until adoption.

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