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Bridgette is a 13-year-old girl in Malawi who has lost both her parents, and lives with her grandmother, sister, and brother.

Help us reach our goal of raising $300 to fully fund the remainder of her secondary education!

Funds raised over the goal amount will help other deserving girls like Bridgette attend school in Africa. 


Bridgette's day begins well before sunrise at 3 AM, when she completes a long list of chores before setting off on the 4-mile journey to school. Like most girls in Malawi, she is responsible for helping out with the housework, such as farming, cooking, sweeping, wood and water collection, and washing clothes.

She knows secondary school is a privilege and works hard to finish all her daily chores in order to have time for schoolwork. Despite her heavy load, Bridgette does manage to find some time to be with friends and enjoys playing netball and basketball. As an avid reader, Bridgette enjoys going to school every day.

Her grandmother's resilience, support, and encouragement have inspired Bridgette to always do her best and be a good role model for her siblings. Her dream is to make her grandmother proud, and Bridgette hopes to become a nurse or lawyer one day so that she can help others in her community.

Your donation will fund Bridgette's tuition and school supplies including textbooks, school uniform, and test fees.


Consider making a monthly gift. When you give just $11 monthly, you can ensure Bridgette or another girl in Malawi has a permanent scholarship until she graduates. 


About GROW:

GROW (Girls' Right to Opportunity Worldwide), a signature project of, is dedicated to improving girls' well being by supporting and monitoring innovating projects that identify and remove barriers to girls' education across the globe.  



RIPPLE Africa:

RIPPLE Africa is a non-profit organization working in the Nkhata Bay District of Malawi, Africa, and is focused on projects ranging from education to healthcare to protecting the environment. Founded in 2003, RIPPLE Africa's guiding philosophy is providing a hand UP, not a hand out, adopting practical and culturally–relevant solutions to development issues through partnerships with the community and local leadership.

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