A Safe Ride to School for Haitian Children

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Make sure Haitian children get to school safely every day!

In 2017, non-profit organization Those Angels purchased seven retired school buses from the Sacramento City Unified School District with the hope and intention of sending them to schools in need in Haiti. After much coordination, the U.S. Air Force accepted their application to transport the buses to Haiti. Today, these buses have greatly improved access to education for some school children in Haiti, who no longer have to walk miles every day just to get an education.

Now, GreaterGood needs your help to provide safe transportation to even more children in Haiti.

Thank you from Haitian children

In Haiti, the average salary is between 27 cents to $1.00 per day. Depending on the distance a student has to travel to get to school, his/her transportation fare can range from 50 cents to $1.00 per day. Some families have to spend an entire day's salary just on transportation to school, or make their children walk. The school transportation system provided by the government is not adequate to support all school children, so parents MUST make this provision for their children. No family should have to spend their entire earnings just to make sure their child gets to school.

It is a poignant sight, these small children walking to school. They walk with great excitement, having been taught that an education is the only means to a prosperous future. They walk for miles in the sun, many without breakfast or water, but they continue to walk. As humbling as this enthusiasm for an education may be, it is heartbreaking that basic access to education continues to present these types of challenges to schoolchildren and their families.

You can help! Just $1 provides a child in Haiti safe and reliable transportation to school and back home every school day.

Those Angels, Inc builds schools and other educational facilities in Haiti. They aim to provide free education and support the social and cultural needs of Haitian communities both in the U.S. and in Haiti.

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