Help Stop Stewie's Seizures

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Stewie is in urgent need of your help to figure out how to stop his seizures..


$646 has been raised! $854 more to go!

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About Stewie 

  • Location: Mission Viejo, CA
  • Breed: Chihuahua 
  • Shelter: DREAM Animal Rescue 
  • Best Trait: Very loving 
  • Medical Problem: Seizures 
  • Treatment: MRI, Spinal Tap, Testing

    Stewie was transferred to DREAM Animal Rescue from Orange County shelter in California. An OC shelter volunteer shared with the shelter vet that she had seen Stewie "stumbling around, falling over" for several minutes. The shelter vet monitored Stewie and suspected a possible seizure. Once transferred by DREAM and in foster care, things were going great for Stewie until he had a minor stand-off with another resident dog and suddenly went stiff and began to shake. Stewie visited a vet again, who asked his foster family to monitor him (very standard instructions for suspected seizures).

    When Stewie had his next seizure, it did not stop. He was rushed to the emergency animal clinic for intervention after seizing for 40 minutes.

    Now that seizures have been confirmed, the next steps for Stewie are tests to try to discover the cause. This is especially critical because his third known seizure was so long (which puts him in danger of overheating and brain damage), and because Stewie is not responding to typical seizure medications so far. He needs an MRI and possible spinal tap, both expensive procedures, but we are hopeful results will provide a clear picture of how to help this sweet, loving boy.

    You can help!Just $25 goes far toward helping Stewie receive the medical attention he needs to live the normal, happy life he deserves with a loving family.

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