Increase Crop Production for Earthquake Victims

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Help Nepal famers help themselves and plant better crops for their futures. Help us reach our goal of serving 200 households!

Matching crops to local soil conditions with new digital tools improves nutrition, quality of life, and access to education for farm families in Nepal. 

Agriculture is the main occupation of rural communities in Nepal. On April 25, 2015, the country was struck by a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake, followed by a second, 7.3 magnitude earthquake on May 12 and hundreds of aftershocks. The quakes have destroyed thousands of villages, causing almost 9,000 deaths and nearly 25,000 injuries across the 23 districts of Nepal. This has devastated farming and rural agro-industries such as handicrafts, garments, herbs and medicinal products, dairy and meat products, fruits, and food processing. More than international aid, Nepal farmers and families want to earn a living, grow the food they need, and rebuild from within.

The widespread devastation has also created a once-in-a-millennia opportunity to overcome outdated farming practices and utilize new research to produce better crop growth for the future. The Nepal Agro-industrial Information System (NAIS) will digitally map soils of a watershed which includes over 500 households in the mid-hill region of Nepal. This will generate important information on soil health and soil fertility management. The information generated from this project will be shared with farmers, researchers, government agencies, and local households, which will help all those involved plant crops that will perform the best for the soil and climate.

The objective is to move beyond subsistence farming to a more robust rural economy.

Local communities will benefit from income generation, employment, and rural development—accelerating earthquake recovery and raising the standard of living for some of the poorest areas on the planet. NAIS will help Nepalese to help themselves.

You can help. Just $30 helps one household in Nepal receive important soil information to help grow successful crops. Your donation will benefit families in Nepal for generations to come.

Asta Ja's mission is community capacity-building for sustainable rural agro-industrial development and natural resources conservation throughout Nepal. Outcomes include income generation for rural communities to alleviate poverty, improved environmental quality, and socio-economic transformation of rural Nepal. They are achieving their mission by working from grassroots through ministerial levels, guiding collaborative agricultural and natural resources research and development among governmental and non-governmental organizations, charity organizations, academic institutions, private sector businesses, INGOs, individuals, and other stakeholders.

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