URGENT Need to Save Dogs Before 2018 World Cup

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URGENT -- help us save stray and abandoned dogs before exterminators get to them.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is coming to Sochi, Russia, and officials are cleaning up the streets of stray and abandoned dogs. This has happened before -- prior to the 2014 Winter Olympics, exterminators were hired to shoot or poison the street dogs of Sochi.

Help us stop this cruel cycle.

Friends of Sochi Dogs can currently shelter 50-60 adoptable dogs at a time. Each dog adopted from our shelter means another is saved from the streets. We are working hard to double our adoption rate to clear space to save dogs ahead of the exterminators. We need your help to feed and shelter these dogs while they're in our care.

In addition, to address the larger problem, Sochi Dogs is launching our biggest spay/neuter campaign to date. Many dogs end up on the street in the first place when owners do not spay/neuter them, they have an unwanted litter, and mom and puppies are often abandoned to the streets. Those that survive go on to produce more litters, continuing a desperate cycle. In preparation for the World Cup, Sochi Dogs are distributing 3,000 flyers around the city, each valid for 50% off a spay or neuter procedure at designated vets around the city. Sochi Dogs will cover the other 50%. We need your help to ensure this ambitious effort is a success.

Meet Casey!

      Casey is a loving girl who was living in an alley with her five          puppies. A Sochi Dogs volunteered discovered the family            and brought them to the shelter. Casey's puppies have all            been adopted but Casey is still at the shelter looking for her        forever family. She loves greeting the shelter volunteers and          gets along with all the other dogs at the shelter.



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