Help Titan Provide Therapy to Child Victims in Court


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Help us provide therapy to child victims who have to testify in court by supporting CourageousK9s like Titan.

Meet Titan, the CourageousK9 who works tirelessly to provide therapy for young victims of violence. Titan, a former shelter dog, is trained to help children who have experienced abuse or neglect and are now required to testify about it in the courtroom. These children are often confused and do not know who to trust. Certified Therapy dogs like Titan help children decrease anxiety and depression, and increase mental alertness while testifying in court.

There is great need for dogs like Titan. In 2015, a report by U.S. Department of Health and Human Service reported 4 million maltreatment reports involving 7.2 million individual children. Whether it be physical, psychological, neglect, or sexual abuse, childhood victims of abuse are reportedly on the rise. Many of these children may be required to testify about the abuse in order to be removed from the situation and have the perpetrator punished. The need for witness testimony is understandable, but obviously can lead to more stress and trauma for the child victim.

Titan needs your help with funding for training, insurance, and certifications for fellow therapy dogs. Titan has gone through many hours of training in order to help each child be calm and confident as they testify against a criminal. Because of dogs like Titan, criminals can be punished, families can reestablish themselves, and children can get a new start on life.

You can help. Your urgent support will ensure Titan and other brave dogs like her can continue to provide therapy for childhood victims of abuse and neglect. 100% of your tax–deductible donation will go to support dogs like Titan assisting with courtroom therapy efforts.

100% of your Gift That Gives More™ donation will go as a charitable gift to GreaterGood stores pay the credit card transaction fee, so every cent of your donation goes to charity. has ultimate authority and discretion with regard to the distribution of its funds. All expenditures made are consistent with the exempt purposes of
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