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Across Africa, Painted Dogs are endangered — and declining. These dogs, also known as Africa Wild Dogs, are one of the rarest species on the African continent. This unique dog has no close relatives — not even domestic dogs. They have large, rounded ears and unique multi-colored coats, and exhibit social behavior that shocks many who observe it: packs share food and assist weak or ill members — even regurgitating food for sick pups.

Unfortunately, their population has plummeted to less than 7,000 individuals in 14 countries, down from over 500,000 in 39 countries. Habitat loss and fragmentation are the main reasons for this decline. With less room to roam, Painted Dogs are increasingly coming into contact with people and domestic animals. They are persecuted when they eat livestock, and are susceptible to infectious diseases from domestic dogs. Additionally, they are often accidentally caught in wire snares set by poachers for bush meat, and hit by cars on roads.

You can help. Painted Dogs need safe and connected habitat URGENTLY. Project Peril works with partners in Africa to save Painted Dogs by protecting and expanding habitat, reducing deaths from wire snares, and engaging rural communities. Your donation will go directly towards supporting this work through our Painted Dog Recovery Fund. Together, we can save painted dogs from extinction.

About Project Peril:

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Project Peril, a program of, is committed to saving endangered species by supporting holistic and hands-on wildlife conservation efforts.

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