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According to the Census, 48 million people in the U.S. are food insecure. That's one in seven Americans who don't know where their next meal is coming from. Meanwhile, the EPA estimates that America wastes 68 billion pounds of food each year. As we sit down to share a meal with our families this Thanksgiving, let's also remember the families in the US who are in need of a meal.

Food Recovery Network (FRN) is working to feed these families this Thanksgiving. Since 2011, Food Recovery Network has scaled to more than 230 chapters nationwide and have recovered over 2 million pounds of perfectly good food that would have otherwise been deemed as "surplus garbage" by dining halls and restaurants. Students then directly deliver this food to shelters, food banks, and churches — serving those who need it most.

"I so appreciate the help during this transition and crisis. I felt part of a family in so many ways. This did indeed include the daily meals, conversations and kindness of residents and staff. I am so appreciative. I now know how good fish tacos are! All the kindnesses mean so much!" — Mrs. K.G., a female veteran who recently received meals through FRN


You can help. Just $2 provides a meal to a person in need.

Update from the Field

July 2018


So far this year, the Food Recovery Network has recovered 862,513 pounds of food! This couldn't have been possible without your help! When you contribute to recover food from being wasted, you decrease the number of people that go to bed with an empty stomach, while also decreasing emissions that would have been emitted by that food being broken down into waste. Your donations are helping hungry people AND the environment at the same time.

April 2018

Carl at Craigs Doors Homeless Shelter

YOUR generous contributions helped the Food Recovery Network recover nearly 250,000 pounds of food in 2017! That is the equivalent of almost 210,000 meals for food-insecure individuals and families. Your donations have helped people like Carl* (name changed) in Massachusetts. Carl is a Navy veteran who visited Craig's Doors, a shelter for individuals facing homelessness, addiction, and other challenges. Carl had been homeless for five years when he first came to Craig's Doors. Your donations have made it possible for FRN to provide meals to these shelters, and to feed people like Carl. A Craig's Doors staff member described the impact daily healthy meals have had on Carl:

"At 55 years old, [Carl’s] body could not handle the abuse it was receiving, and his level of vulnerability meant that he was more likely to pass away than many of our other guests... Somehow, he would usually make it home, routinely stumbling through the doorway... In the interest of keeping him upright, I would usually grab him his dinner — a huge plate full of the food the FRN had donated sometime that week. As he ate, his eyes became clearer, and I could tell he felt infinitely better. […] Recently, through the help of Craig's Doors, Veteran's Services, and his own strength of character, this man has made progress in leaps and bounds. He has started taking medication which curbs his cravings for alcohol, and is slowly returning to the past times which give him joy, such as reading and gardening. Every agency that has participated in the two-year struggle to help keep him alive is rejoicing at the prospect of a man who served his country finally getting the housing and quality of life he deserves."

Food Recovery Network (FRN) unites students at colleges and universities nationwide to fight food waste and hunger by recovering perishable food that would otherwise go to waste from their campuses and surrounding communities and donating it to people in need.

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