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Across Africa, Lions are in danger. This large and beautiful cat has declined by approximately 43% from 1993 to 2014. In fact, lions today live in just 8% of their historical range (IUCN). Although still found in most sub–Saharan African countries, lions are now gone from Northern Africa, Southwest Asia, Europe, and India (except one small, isolated population).

Most lions are killed in retaliation for eating livestock, which hurts communities financially. This problem is getting worse as lions and their prey lose room to roam. With less to eat and less space to find food, lions end up eating what is convenient — livestock. Additionally, lions and their prey are victims of the poaching and bushmeat trade. Lions' bones and other body parts are increasingly used for wines and traditional medicines in Asia, creating a brutal trade that is pushing lions to extinction.

If nothing is done, lion populations will continue to decline at a rapid rate. Throughout the majority of Lion range, there is an estimated continued decline of over 50% for the next three generations.

You can help.

Project Peril works with reputable partners in Africa to save lions by protecting habitat and teaching people how to coexist with lions. Your donation will go directly towards supporting this work through our Lion Recovery Fund. Together, we can save lions from extinction.

About Project Peril:

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Project Peril, a program of, is committed to saving endangered species by supporting holistic and hands-on wildlife conservation efforts.

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