Save Two Species of Endangered Pangolins in Nepal

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Pangolins are the world's most trafficked species. Without urgent action, the pangolin will soon become extinct.

Pangolins were declared the world's most trafficked species in 2016. They are hunted by poachers for their meat and scales, traded on the black market for consumers who believe pangolins and their fetuses are culinary delicacies and have medicinal properties, particularly in China, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. If nothing is done, pangolins will soon become extinct.

The Indian and Chinese pangolin, two species of pangolin found throughout the Siwalik foothills of eastern Nepal, are especially threatened. Lack of public awareness and education about the endangered status of these pangolins and the ecosystem services they provide is the main reason for their decline. Laws meant to protect pangolins are not being enforced. Extreme poverty is also driving the illegal trade markets.

Watch the full documentary here.

Pangolins in eastern Nepal need your help NOW. KTK-Belt is working tirelessly to address the root causes that are driving pangolins to extinction, namely lack of public education and awareness, lack of monitoring and patrolling, and the absence of alternative livelihoods for poor farmers. KTK-Belt will hold Pangolin Action Workshops for villagers, and a two year education and art campaign for 400 young pangolin conservationists.

These methods have already begun to work. This past year, KTK-BELT worked with 120 students to build awareness. At one education workshop, a child stood up and said she realized the importance of how art can play an important role in conservation. They also held Pangolin Action Workshops in 11 villages to teach community members about the importance of and threats facing the species, after which some poachers decided to stop poaching!

You can help. Just $7 will make a difference in our efforts to save these vulnerable species before it's too late.

The mission of KTK-BELT is to catalyze new models of biodiversity conservation, environmental learning, and sustainable design in eastern Nepal through close partnerships with schools, communities, and policy makers; and to create an affirming, nurturing educational environment to conduct acts which may be transferable, useful, or suitable for the furtherance, accomplishment or attainment of any of the activities described herein.
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