Help Save the Pets in Tropical Islands of Costa Rica

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On the islands of Costa Rica there is no access to veterinary services for pets and the stray dogs and cats. People live in very poor conditions; they do not have the money to travel to land with their animals to give them care. The lack of resources for medical attention make animals, especially females, very vulnerable when getting pregnant. Unfortunately a "natural" way of population control is getting rid of the females puppies by drowning them at birth, so they can not reproduce later on. These animals are in urgent need of your help!

Asociacion Nacional Protectora de Animales (ANPA) are visiting different islands making a huge impact in the health of dogs and cats, and their families. They are drastically reducing cases of cruelty just by helping providing food, medical services, vitamins and most important, spay/neuter service to provide everybody with a better health and living conditions. One major problem is that the locals don't have the knowledge on how to care for these animals. ANPA also provides education to help understand the process in being a responsible animal owner and improve the overall health of the animals in general.

Your gift will provide education, spay/neuter, vaccine and improve dogs and cats health that live in tropical islands in Costa Rica, making their lives much happier.

Asociacion Nacional Protectora de Animales is a 501(c)3 organization. Their mission is educating the public and to achieve animal welfare.

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