The Barry Fund; Through Loss Help Save More Lives

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Established by Jackson Galaxy and his wife for their beloved cat Barry, this fund celebrates his life and generosity of spirit by saving the lives of other cats.

Though the loss of Barry was devastating, Jackson and his wife felt truly blessed that for the first time in their lives they could afford the veterinary care their boy needed. At the same time, they never lost sight of the fact that so many others face unthinkable choices due to lack of money for veterinary care.

After much thought and research, the Barry Fund will focus on an issue that will help affected sheltered cats become adoptable pets. The fund will provide Radioactive-Iodine Therapy for cats with Hyperthyroidism. This common disease usually impacts middle aged and older cats causing an increase in production of thyroid hormones which then effects nearly every organ in the body. Normally these cats have increased thirst and appetite, but continue to lose weight, and their coat becomes greasy or matted. The disease can often be managed (but not cured) with medication, and when you add the pieces: you have a thin and scruffy looking cat looking for a home who needs medication for the rest of his or her life. Not a prime candidate for adoption.

HOWEVER Radioactive-Iodine Therapy, at a cost of about $1,000 (depending on location) cures roughly 95% of all hyperthyroid cases with 1 treatment. Your donation to the Barry Fund will profoundly change the word for individual cats relatively simply and inexpensively. There are cats in shelters right now who need this treatment.

Thank you for keeping Barry's spirit alive. Your support will give cats with Hyperthyroidism the chance to recover and live a healthy life as a beloved pet.

Established in memory of Jackson Galaxy's beloved cat Barry, The Barry Fund celebrates Jackson and his wife's beloved feline's life and generosity of spirit by saving the lives of others. Your donations will keep alive the spirit of this special boy - and keep others literally alive, fighting the good fight for as long as they can, instead of for as long as their caretakers can afford to.

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