Save the Lives of Shelter Cats with Cat Pawsitive

Save the Lives of Shelter Cats with Cat Pawsitive

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Save the lives of shelter cats by sending care packages to shelters across the country.

Jackson Galaxy

Shelters are loud, chaotic spaces, full of unfamiliar sights and smells. The stress can lead shy cats to withdraw and hide, or act out their fear through aggression, and the lack of mental stimulation leads cats into hyperactivity and destructive behavior. These cats often get labeled as “less adoptable” and are usually seniors, feral cats, and those with existing health or behavioral issues, like Lynette Baguette.
Lynette High5Lynette Baguette was a stray before she was taken in by Monmouth County SPCA, where she was overlooked for over a year in favor of the younger cats and kittens. Simply because of her age, she waited unnoticed until the Cat Pawsitive program gave her another chance through training.

Lynette was quick to train and MCSPCA posted a video showing off her signature high-five in hopes it would impress potential adopters. Her impressive new skills finally caught the eyes of her new owners, and they came straight to the shelter to adopt her into her loving forever home.

You can help make more happy endings for cats like Lynette. We’re providing shelters across the country with Cat Pawsitive care packages! Each kit comes fully stocked with a cat clicker, toys, treats, staff resources, and training by a Cat Pawsitive feline behaviorist.

By teaching shelter cats our Cat Pawsitive techniques, including the high-five, we can decrease stress, increase engagement, and raise adoption rates. Is the life of a cat like Lynette worth $10 to you? Please help today.

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About the Cat Pawsitive Program:

Developed by Jackson Galaxy and a team of animal behavior experts, Cat Pawsitive is a Signature Program of Greater Good Charities and The Animal Rescue Site, in partnership with Petco Foundation. The program works to help cats feel more comfortable in shelters and catch the eye of potential adopters. Cat Pawsitive mentors use a "train the trainer" approach to work with shelter staff and volunteers on positive–reinforcement clicker training techniques that can improve the well–being and adoptability of the cats in their care.

By rewarding cats for exhibiting trained behaviors, Cat Pawsitive trainers are able to give shy cats the confidence to come to the front of their kennels and make eye contact with potential adopters, sit on command, spin in circles, or even high–five their way into their new family's hearts.

The benefits of Cat Pawsitive are clear: as shelter cats gain confidence, adopters take notice, and more cats find their way out of shelters and into their happy ending.

The Jackson Galaxy Project is a program of Greater Good Charities, with a mission to improve the lives of animals at risk by transforming the places they live and helping the people who care for them. The Project focuses on programs that drive innovation, promote improved shelter design and construction, and provide knowledge to inspire and empower animal advocates.

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