Help Us Find the World's 25 "Most Wanted" Lost Species!

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Help our explorers search the remotest corners of the globe for 25 species thought lost to science! In order to save these species, we first need to find them.

All around the world, once-discovered species have fallen off our radar. These lost species are animals or plants that have gone unseen for years or decades and are feared possibly extinct. That's why Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC) launched the Search for Lost Species, the largest-ever global quest to find and protect species that have not been seen in the wild in decades. With your help, we can find and protect these unique and vulnerable species, and ensure they have a future on our planet. For every single one of these species, there is high hope that we will rediscover populations still living in the wild.

We need YOUR help to find these 25 "most wanted" lost species before we lose them forever. Among the 25, there's the Wondiwoi Tree Kangaroo, last seen in 1928 in Indonesia; the pink-headed duck, missing since 1949; the largest bee on Earth, named Wallace's Giant Bee, thought to be extinct until it was rediscovered in 1981; and the brilliantly beautiful Scarlet Harlequin Frog, known from a single stream in an isolated cloud forest in Venezuela.

Each of the exciting expeditions that are a part of the Search for Lost Species will give us a chance to find and save species before they disappear—hence our urgency to act now. GWC is working with local partners to explore some of the most remote and uncharted wild places on Earth in order to find these creatures. Many of these ecosystems face the risk of disappearing forever due to habitat destruction and degradation. The rediscovery of these species could stimulate the creation of protected areas that will not only safeguard these species, but countless others that depend on these very same habitats.

You can help. Just $18 pays for the cost of one Sherman live trap to determine whether certain species are still surviving (wildlife are released unharmed).

The mission of Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC) is to protect endangered species and habitats through science-based field action. Their global efforts, in collaboration with many committed individuals and organizations, target species and ecosystems at imminent risk of disappearing forever to ensure that they not only survive but thrive, for the benefit of nature and society. Since their founding, GWC's leading scientists, with field experience in over 50 countries, have built an extensive network of allied researchers and conservationists that has enabled them to conserve wildlife and habitats in more than 40 countries, helped establish more than 20 new nature reserves, protected more than 100 endangered species and 20,000 species overall, and helped educate over 50 undergraduate and graduate students. Their strengths lie in providing conservation leadership, implementing researched solutions, and monitoring the impact of global conservation activities.

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