Support Emergency Medicine for Rural People in Nepal

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Long lasting devastation of the 2015 Earthquake continues to affect the daily lives of people in Nepal. This is particularly true regarding healthcare. For just $30 you can provide life changing check-up, medicine, operation, food and accommodation for one person! Help us reach our goal of raising $1,500 to provide emergency health support to 50 people in Nepal.

Together with the Himalayan Nepal Foundation we are actively working to provide short term health checkups and distribute medicine at no cost to people living in tucked away, rural regions of Nepal. Most recently, as seen in the photo below, a total of 1,229 local villagers ranging in age from infants to 70 years old benefitted from a health camp that YOUR donations supported.

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world ranking 18th in the world and 2nd in Asia (IMF, 2014). Nepal has made significant progress, reducing poverty by 25%, however, half of the population of Nepal still lives on the poverty line. The devastating earthquake of 2015 and the economic blockade has stymied development and increased poverty in the country. The earthquake destroyed much of the infrastructure, including health facilities. However your donations support life altering changes for Nepalese people that sustain their lives.

The Himalayan Nepal Foundation is working to aid the poor by tackling one of the key areas of issue: improving health and education conditions in rural areas. By providing emergency medical support for those in poverty, the Nepalese people will get the boost they need to start recovering from the disasters that have beset them.

You can help! Emergency health support for one person (including checkup, medicine, operations, food and accommodations) costs just $30! 

The Himalayan Nepal Foundation (HNF) aims to develop local infrastructure for basic services and improve health conditions and economic situations for the communities living in rural and undeveloped areas. They also aim to educate them to create an environment of self-respect, love, and harmony. The specific objectives of the project are: promote education for poor children in rural areas, improve health conditions of the rural poor people, strengthen women with skill development and establish relationships with and support senior citizens.

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