Restore Pollinator Habitat Destroyed by Wildfires

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Your help is needed URGENTLY to restore critical habitat destroyed by wildfires!

Severe wildfires have been destroying important wildlife habitat in the southwestern United States. Southeastern Arizona is an extremely important migration corridor for 400 species of migrating and resident birds, especially hummingbirds and other tropical species found nowhere else in the United States. It also hosts unique pollinators including two endangered nectar bats, fourteen hummingbirds, over 250 butterflies, and thousands of moths, beetles, native bees, and other insects. Given the area's many unique plants and animals, loss of habitat due to natural disasters or development has an especially devastating effect on species diversity.

We need get local and native plants back into the landscape before the burnt landscape experiences more erosion and degradation. Pollinator Corridors Southwest has recently acquired one-acre of key wildlife habitat that burned in a huge fire in 2011. Restoring and enhancing this site with native flowering plants is critical for Sonoran Bumble bees, Rufous hummingbirds, Monarch butterflies, and countless other pollinating insects.

We need 200 pollinator-friendly native plants to restore this critical habitat. The project will create a healthy one-acre paradise for migrating hummingbirds, bats, and Monarch butterflies, as well as resident pollinators. Once established, this project will serve as a learning opportunity and model for future restoration projects working to establish nectar corridors.

We need your help to restore this critical habitat. Just $15 will purchase and care for one native pollinator-friendly plant!

Pollinator Corridors Southwest is dedicated to supporting native plant habitats in southeastern Arizona and their pollinators. Newly formed in 2015, they accomplish this mission by creating public demonstration gardens, giving presentations showing the beauty of southwest landscapes and wildlife, and promoting research projects used for education and conservation. They are located in a small rural area and are currently focusing our conservation efforts in the Huachuca Mountain vicinity. They also collaborate on projects with other environmental organizations to further their similar mission and to gain experience for our own future projects. Those organizations include Borderlands Restoration, Sky Island Alliance, Tucson Audubon Society, the Arizona Native Plant Society and the Sierra Vista Community Gardens.

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