Provide Veterinary Care for Injured Donkeys


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Donkeys are in urgent need of your help to receive veterinary care.

In many parts of western Tanzania, donkeys are forced to pull extremely heavy carts throughout the day. These loads wear heavily on donkeys—causing neck wounds and putting them in heavy distress. Locals neglect to give them adequate water, and are often left untreated after being infected with parasites. Without proper animal welfare laws, donkeys in Tanzania are left abandoned or killed when they are too sick, injured or weak to work.

Tanzania Animals Protection Organization (TAPO) is committed to help donkeys in need. They provide veterinary treatment to ten villages with high populations of working donkeys, ensuring they are properly nourished, and free from wounds or disease. With your help, TAPO wants to fulfill its promise to improve the welfare of more than 3,000 donkeys in the ten villages. After treating overt health issues, their mission is to educate locals on how to properly care for their donkeys, ensuring them a healthy and happy life.

You can help! Just $28 covers the costs of all injections to keep a donkey healthy.

Tanzania Animals Protection Organization is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to protect all animals from cruelty, torture, abuse, disease and killing.

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