Equip Marie and Her Classmates With Technology Training


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Help girls in Bonaire overcome the many barriers to getting an education. Help us reach our goal of raising $9,750 to provide technology training and Internet access to marginalized girls!

Due to a lack of information, social biases, gender discrimination and a lack of skills, youth from marginalized communities have limited opportunities. They have restricted access to information about employment, educational opportunities or changes that are possible to improve their life. These youth are at a critical point in their social, emotional, and physical development as they transition into young adults. For girls around the world, there are even more educational barriers: 

These barriers include forced child marriage or child labor, sexual harassment, cultural biases, poverty, and lack of nutrition. Families already living in poverty are less likely to support their daughters' desire to get an education, but Girls' Voices is working with schools around the world to change that.

To help overcome these barriers, Bonaire Youth Outreach Foundation is working to train girls in technology and get them career ready! This program will provide computer training and proficiency as well as internet access. This training will prepare them for entry-level jobs in a diverse set of industries. 

Bonaire's girl scholars are eager to learn, pursue their education, and lead their community. These students understand that education extends far beyond what one learns in school, and are each committed to being leaders in their community to help solve critical social issues. However these girls cannot do it alone! Your donation will go towards technology training, internet access and laptops to get them career ready!

Girls from Bonaire are Girls' Voices Scholars!

Bonaire Youth Outreach Foundation was one of the Girls Voices for Change Contest participants. In efforts to raise awareness about girls' education issues and to raise funds for the Girls' Voices scholarship funds, close to 100 girls participated from 8 countries, including Bonaire, Haiti, India, Jordan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Uganda and the United States. The global media challenge invited girls to create media—both video and digital photography, demonstrating personal triumphs, solutions to gender disparity, and a vision for a more empowered education for girls.

Marie from BYOF won the Big Idea contest award! Learn more about the Girls Voices for Change Contest and view Marie's winning film below:

About Girls' Voices
Girls' Voices is a Signature Program of GreaterGood.org intended to raise funds for girls' secondary education through media made by girls. Our goal is for girls around the world to connect to their voice, their dreams for their education, and use the power of digital media to create images, stories, and visual metaphors that can communicate their strength and potential to the world. The intention of this project is to empower girls to utilize videography to raise scholarship funds to remove financial barriers to completing secondary education.
About Bonaire Youth Outreach Foundation

The mission of Bonaire Youth Outreach Foundation is to forge young people as future leaders of tomorrow. In the activities that BYOF organizes, BYOF tries to instill the youth with leadership skills.

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