Save Baby Chimps like Leila from Cruelty!

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 Leila was saved from a life in chains. With your help we can rescue the hundreds of chimpanzees left behind.

Hundreds of infant chimpanzees across Africa are kept illegally as pets, forced to live in cramped cages or with heavy chains around their necks. Most are victims of the illegal bushmeat trade—hunters shoot down entire families of primates and send the victims to be sold in meat markets. The babies, too small to sell for meat, are sold as illicit pets. Pan Africa Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) has 22 wildlife centers located in 13 countries across Africa. In these countries, PASA members work closely with law enforcement agencies to rescue primates and give them a lifetime of loving care. However, in countries without PASA members, there are still countless baby chimps suffering from unthinkable abuse.

Until she was rescued a few weeks ago, Leila was one of these baby chimps. After her family was slaughtered for meat, she was sold as a pet and lived in a little cage. She was so desperately lonely that she broke everything in the cage, and so her owner left her chained to a platform in a city park. She was left begging all day for scraps of food from whoever happened to walk by. Little Leila however is one very lucky chimpanzee. She was found by a Journalist in Angola in a pitiful state. He arranged for Leila to be removed from the city park and transported across Angola to a woman who's already caring for a rescued baby chimpanzee. As soon as the permits, flights, and other arrangements are made, Leila will fly to Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage, a PASA member sanctuary in Zambia. Once she arrives, she will need extensive medical treatment, nutritious food, and a lot of loving care. The staff will gradually integrate her into a chimpanzee social group that will become her adoptive family, which is essential for the emotional health of these highly social animals.

Even though Leila is in good hands there are still hundreds of chimpanzee's that are in need of help. With your donation PASA will be able to help rescue, feed, and care for more chimpanzees.

You can help! Just $10 helps feed a rescued baby chimpanzee for a week.

The Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA), the largest association of wildlife centers in Africa, includes 22 organizations in 13 countries which are giving a future to Africa's primates and their habitat. PASA and its members rescue great apes and monkeys from wildlife smugglers, bushmeat hunters, and other cruelty, give them medical treatment and long-term loving care, and reintroduce them to the wild when possible. PASA also campaigns for wildlife protection worldwide and gives its member sanctuaries vital support. /p>

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