Care for Rescued Rabbits

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 Our furry friends need the help and attention they deserve.

Rabbits are the third most popular pet in the United States. Sadly, they're also the third most likely to be euthanized. While they are lovable pets to some, other farm them as livestock for food, make them into clothing, breed them for money, and use rabbits for experimental uses. Abandonment is the plight for thousands of domestic rabbits every year who are unlikely to survive in the wild. is teaming up with shelters and rescues to help rabbits receive medical treatment, get spay/neutered, and most importantly, be adopted! This vital funding helps fight cruelty endured in breeding, neglect and hoarding situations. Funds raised also supports excellent vet care to help in physical recovery while staff and volunteers help to soothe souls. Finally, spay and neuter assistance decreases the risk of adding more overpopulation and to help get rabbits adopted into loving homes.

You can help! Just $5.00 help purchase 5 pounds of food for a rescued rabbit!

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