Project Peril: Help Save the Chimpanzee

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Chimpanzees, humanity's closest living relative, are facing a crisis of gigantic proportions. Over the past 30 years, the chimpanzee population has plummeted due to poaching for bushmeat, habitat loss, and infectious diseases. Although chimpanzees are protected by national and international laws, enforcement is generally weak. It is estimated that by 2050, chimpanzee population may drop by 50%.

As forests are converted to farmland, chopped down for wood, used to extract oil and minerals, or cleared for new roads, chimps are seeing their habitat shrink drastically. Poachers now have access to the once dense forest, making it easier to hunt and kill vulnerable chimpanzees, as well as spread diseases like Ebola.

These creatures, with whom we share more than 98% of our DNA, need urgent help. We must do what we can to save the chimpanzees. Project Peril is committed to working with the best non-profits to rescue and care for chimpanzees caught up in the poaching crisis before releasing them to the wild. We are also working to curb trade in great apes, as well as safeguard habitat for chimpanzees.

Your help is needed URGENTLY! Your donation will go to Project Peril, a program of to help save the Chimpanzee.

About Project Peril:

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Project Peril is a new program of to protect the world's most threatened species. Whether tall like a giraffe or small like a bee, all life deserves a fighting chance in a world increasingly threatened by human influences. Project Peril identifies these key species on the brink of extinction and helps fund groups doing the best work to save these species around the world.

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