Save the Dogs of Chernobyl


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Help stray dogs forced to survive in the harsh environment of Chernobyl.


After the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986, hundreds of thousands of residents in the area were forced to evacuate and were never allowed to return. When they were evacuated, they were forced to leave their possessions and pets behind. These abandoned animals and their descendants have lived in the evacuated areas ever since. When the Dogs of Chernobyl program started in 2017, there were over 1,000 stray dogs in the area. As we get ready to start the 2019 Dogs of Chernobyl program, we estimate the population has declined to under 800 stray dogs as a result of our spay and neuter operations.

Another issue is the risk of exposure to rabies and other diseases by the workers at the power plant and the tourists that visit the zone. Before the Dogs of Chernobyl program, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant had no alternative other than culling the population to reduce the threat of the transmission of disease. Thanks to our annual vaccinations, we are able to protect this sacred bond between the workers and tourists and the abandoned animals that live in the zone. partners with Clean Futures Fund to provide the proper care and food for these stray dogs. These animals were abandoned, they did not choose to be left behind, and they need your help. They live in harsh environments with lack of food, water, and shelter. Without your support, we would not be able to continue this important work.

You can help. Just $6 feeds 1 stray dog in Chernobyl. You can save the lives of dogs who are forced to live on the streets. 

Update from the Field


February 2018

Calypso was about to die when she was brought into our clinic.  After a medical assessment, our veterinarians discovered that she had eaten a large amount of bones and foreign debris and these items were tearing through her intestines.  Unless we immediately intervened, this beautiful dog was going to die. Dr. Rebecca Dobinson (pictured with Calypso) scrubbed up for surgery and spent the next 4 hours removing over 3 pounds of foreign objects and saving Calypso's life! Without your generous donations, this wouldn't be possible. 

The Clean Futures Fund (CFF) is a U.S. non-profit organization established to raise awareness and provide international support for communities affected by industrial accidents and long-term remedial activities. CFF identifies and finances humanitarian aid projects and the exchange of information and experiences from affected communities in order to support long-term remedial activities around the world. The Fund is dedicated to strengthening international relations and advancing the United States as a cornerstone of humanitarian aid and a contributing member of the global community.

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