Restore Natural Springs in Mexico

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Help save the lilac-crowned parrot, and other endangered species that depend on natural springs in Mexico!

Springs are oases for wildlife and rural communities living in the tropical dry forests of western Mexico. During the long eight months of the dry season, these springs are the only source of life in the landscape.

Unfortunately, these oases are disappearing. Deforestation and overgrazing are drying up the springs well before the rainy season arrives. Wildlife that cannot migrate to a different region are rapidly dying of thirst.

To combat this issue, Conselva, Costas y Comunidades is restoring a 3,278-acre watershed in Sinaloa. This high biodiversity area will be restored by digging ditches to trap water runoff and send water underground. Because of these ditches, a total of 31 million gallons of water will be recharged to the aquifer every year, eventually emerging as springs and giving life to oases in the tropical dry forest.

You can help. Just $5 pays for the tools, transportation, and labor needed to save 3,225 gallons of water in western Mexico

The mission of Conselva, Costas y Comunidades, A. C. is to foster the balance between economic development, community well-being, and conservation of the tropical forests, basins, and coasts of northwest Mexico, in order to build a prosperous and sustainable future in the region.

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