Madrean Discovery: Protect Critical Habitat in Mexico

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Help recover overgrazed land in Cajón Bonito in Sonora, Mexico by funding a biodiversity expedition!

Cajón Bonito is one of the most important riparian habitats in northwestern Mexico and southeastern Arizona. This riparian land (land on the banks of rivers), is home to many diverse and unique species of plants and animals, like the trogon. The brightly colored trogon can turn its head 180 degrees to always keep a watch on what may be coming. Even with this amazing ability, the trogon cannot see that overgrazing has destroyed a large part of its habitat, hurting its fellow plants and animals. Twenty years ago, the Cuenca los Ojos Foundation (CLO) tried removing cattle from its protected natural area. It worked. Today, the cottonwood-willow forest in the area has made a dramatic recovery. CLO recently purchased another section of the Cajón upstream that has been badly overgrazed and requires immediate action to save its flora and fauna.

The Madrean Discovery Expedition in April 2017 will compare the pristine, ungrazed riparian habitats in Cajón Bonito with the newly-acquired heavily overgrazed area. The evaluation will help develop a recovery plan for this new habitat. With your help, we can recover and restore the habitat and expand an important wildlife corridor.

Your help is needed URGENTLY! For just $19.34 you can fund a full day of research to repair this critical habitat.

About Madrean Discovery:

Madrean Discovery Expeditions is a Signature Program of whose mission is to explore, study, and protect the Madrean Archipelago in Sonora, Mexico. All biodiversity observations made during the expeditions to these unique ecosystems are stored in an open-source database, used for conservation, research, and education.

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