Protect Critical Costa Rican Rainforest


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Help us protect critical forest habitat in Costa Rica to protect mountain lions, ocelots, Baird's tapirs, and endangered Three-wattled Bellbirds.

The 56,000 acres of the Children's Eternal Rainforest (CER), Costa Rica, are home to incredible biodiversity. Sadly, many areas neighboring the CER are poorly protected and heavily deforested. The situation is critical on the Pacific slope, where forests are threatened by cattle ranching. Outside of protected areas, this type of forest is in danger of disappearing altogether. As a result, the CER is becoming ever more isolated from other forests. This isolation impedes or even prevents movements by migratory species such as birds, bats, or insects, many of which are fundamental to the health of the forest. Several plant and animal species are unique to these imperiled forests—including Three-wattled Bellbirds and Resplendent Quetzals. These animals rely on the forests during part of the year and the area provides vital habitat for threatened mammals such as mountain lions, ocelots, and Baird's tapirs, all of which require large territories and connectivity in order to survive.

Through land purchase on the Pacific slope, the Children's Eternal Rainforest will preserve and rehabilitate a now rare type of forest and the biodiversity it beholds. The land will also form part of a biological corridor, increasing connectivity between the CER and other conservation efforts downslope. Once land is purchased, selective reforestation will be carried in order to help speed along natural forest regeneration. Routine monitoring is key to ensuring forest and wildlife protection. Routine patrols are carried out as well as a research program using camera traps in order to track mammal populations.

With your help we can save more of Costa Rica's Rainforest. Just $5.50 will protect 100 square feet of rainforest.

The Children's Eternal Rainforest is Costa Rica's largest private reserve, bought and protected thanks to fundraising by children around the world. The campaign was sparked by Swedish children in 1987 and quickly gained support from schools, individuals, and organizations in 44 countries. The CER is owned by the Monteverde Conservation League, a Costa Rican nonprofit founded in 1986 with the mission to preserve, conserve and rehabilitate natural ecosystems and biodiversity. The Children's Eternal Rainforest provides critical habitat to an incredible diversity of plants and animals, including endangered species such as Baird's tapir, the Three-wattled Bellbird, Bare-necked Umbrellabird, and all 6 of Costa Rica's wild felines, including the jaguar. The CER also protects water resources crucial to downstream communities, farms, and hydroelectric projects. Future land purchases will increase connectivity with other protected areas, especially on the threatened Pacific slope.

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