Rescue and Rehabilitate Threatened Bobcats

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Help rescue bobcat kittens and adults so t hey can live free in the wild!

The bobcat is a predator that ranges from southern Canada to central Mexico, including most of the contiguous United States. As human influences have drastically changed bobcat habitat in the wild, various organizations have had to step in to lend help to wild bobcats. Sadly, bobcats and other smaller exotic cats that were abandoned, retired from zoos, obtained from illegal pet seizures, or found by the general public were routinely euthanized because there was no place for them to go. The Louisiana Bobcat Refuge opened its doors to help rescue and rehabilitate these majestic animals.

By offering the only Abandoned Bobcat Kitten Surrogate Program in the United States, Louisiana Bobcat Refuge pairs rescued bobcat kittens with permanent sanctuary bobcats to learn to develop their adolescent "big kitty" skills. After a year of training -once they've proven that they've learned to hunt and survive in the wild - they are freed back into their natural habitat as mother nature intended. This program helps maintain wild bobcat population, so this creature can thrive in the wild and reduce their threat for extinction.

You can help. Just $15 pays to feed a bobcat for 3 days before they are released back into the wild.

Louisiana Bobcat Refuge is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. They are the only species specific bobcat and lynx rehabilitation & research center in the US which features an AKP Surrogate Program.

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