Provide Goats for Malnourished Haitian Schoolchildren

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Provide a constant source of protein for the children of Institut Edeline in Beudet, Haiti. We need just $600 to cover the start up program costs—which includes 12 goats that will provide 180 gallons of protein-rich milk!

Pauvin Lovens is a 10-year-old who is malnourished and underweight for his age. Like the other students of Institut Edeline he is provided with two meals a day—his only meals of the day—besides a slice of bread at home. Most meals in Haiti are composed of simple carbohydrates only such as rice or pasta. This leads to many students like Pauvin to become underweight, malnourished, and tired all the time—making it difficult for them to stay awake in class. Pauvin wants to grow up to be a teacher or a doctor, but he needs nutrients to be able to pay attention in class.

With your help, Project Edeline can give milk-providing goats to children in Haiti. Each goat can provide approximately 15 gallons of milk a year. By introducing a source of protein like milk to their diet, these kids can get back on track to good health and the ability to further their education.

You can help. Just $50 provides a milk providing goat to Haitian schoolchildren. Help us reach our $600 goal!

Project Edeline is dedicated to helping transform a small community in Haiti by providing education, clean water, and food to the children of Beudet, Haiti. Institute Edeline is a K - 6th-grade elementary school established to provide education to children in need with the intent of sending these children into healthy professions to restore economic hope and stability in the region.

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