Bring Critical Water and Food to Native American Families

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Help the Tohono O'odham Nation collect rainwater to support much needed community gardens.

The Tohono O'odham Reservation, which stretches along the Mexican border through the Sonoran Desert and southwest Arizona, is extremely isolated and painfully food deprived. The majority of the residents live well below the poverty level, with many making a mere $358 per month. The grocery store is a 2-hour drive away, and the little agriculture has all but dried up over the past decades. In addition to limited income and lack of food sources, few have access to transportation. This makes the already inaccessible food even more unattainable for the village of Gu Vo.

To address the problem of food scarcity, a return to the cultural heritage of gardening fruits and vegetables has been started in Gu Vo. Corn, melon, squash, peppers, and tomatoes are already beginning to flourish in the local school garden. In addition to providing much-needed food, the garden is also being utilized as an outdoor classroom for children. However, there is still one big challenge: water. Living in the Sonoran Desert, water is limited and the costs are insurmountable. The ability to harvest water from the spring monsoons and sporadic rains will enable food sustainability by supplying the gardens with this much needed natural resource.

With your help the Native Americans of Gu Vo can harvest rainwater for their gardens. Your donation will help them grow accessible and nutritious food, something they strongly need.

Update from the Field
January 2018 Connor gardening

In 2017, with the help of YOUR donations, NAAF served a total of 5,352 meals and snacks to the 60 students enrolled in the program. Not only do the students benefit from the nourishment these meals provide, but they also learn to step out of their comfort zone and try foods that they may not otherwise be exposed to, and they are often inspired to share these experiences with their families.

At two years old, Connor is the youngest participant in NAAF's programs. When NAAF recently started a community garden, Connor was inspired to make his own garden (pictured to the right). Thanks to the nutrition lessons NAAF provides, Connor is excited about how fun and delicious healthy food can be. His excitement is infectious and his parents have joined him in creating a family garden.

June 2017

"The community garden helps us have access to food. We are a two-hour drive to the grocery store and very few of us have transportation. If we can find a ride, we have little money to buy the food. Gardening helps us have regular access to healthy food. We live in the Sonoran Desert where water is scarce but goes hand in hand with gardening. Being able to harvest water from the rains is a cost efficient way for us to supply and maintain our garden."
—Prisy Thomas, Gu Vo District Resident

The Native American Advancement Foundation (NAAF)'s mission is to assist and promote research-based, community-driven, sustainable development throughout the Tohono O'odham Nation. NAAF's members and volunteers are uniquely qualified to assist their community as they have a personal understanding of the long-term needs and desires of the people of the District and the Nation at large.

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