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Bees play an incredibly important role in our world. In fact, an estimated 1/3 of the human food supply comes from bee pollinated plants! Unfortunately, our bees are in trouble. The bee population is declining at an unsustainable rate due to disease, hive pests, pesticides, climate change, and habitat loss.

That's why Bee Girl is dedicated to educating the next generation of citizens on the importance of bees and inspire them to take part in the bees' preservation. Kids have a natural fascination with bees and with the right guidance this fascination can be turned into action. Bee Girl's Kids and Bees program educates students around the country about the importance of bees and their role in our food production system, and then sends the students home with the tools needed to help pollinators locally.

Kids and Bees not only helps bees and other pollinators by providing bee friendly flower gardens, but it also sparks an interest in thousands of kids across the U.S. by giving them the opportunity to get outside and be a link in our food system.


"If you can capture the heart and imagination of a child, and release the sweetness and light of the honeybee in them - they will never forget it. By saving the bee, they will save our world."
-Sarah Red-Laird. Bee Girl, Executive Director


You can help educate these children on the importance of bees. For just $12 you can send five children to the Kids and Bees program.

Bee Girl's mission is to inspire and empower communities to conserve bees and their habitat.
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