Save the Sonoran Sky Islands

Save the Sonoran Sky Islands

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Help Study & Protect a Biodiversity Hotspot Through Expeditions

The Madrean Sky Islands, also known as the Sonoran Sky Islands, are a series of 57 isolated mountains that run from Arizona and New Mexico to Northern Mexico. Each mountain sits in the hot and arid desert of the surrounding lowlands, however, their tops are adorned with pine-oak forests. This unique landscape makes this region a hotspot and home to one of the most biologically diverse regions of the world.  
The first step in conservation is the observing, studying and recording of a region’s flora and fauna.  Without this critical piece, a region’s plants and animals cannot be accurately protected. 
Global Discovery Expeditions, a Signature Program of Greater Good Charities, is dedicated to exploring, studying, and protecting the Madrean Archipelago. Throughout the year, groups of multinational scientists, photographers, enthusiasts and students come together to record the plants and animals of this incredible region. This information is then stored in an open-source database for the world to share, study, and use to preserve these ecosystems forever. A total of 20 Sky Island sites have been observed and recorded by the MDE team, with the ultimate goal of visiting and documenting all 57 islands. 

This important work can only happen with your help. Your support will allow more work to be done, more records to be collected, and ultimately, more plants and animals protected. 

Help protect the Sky Islands before it's too late. Donate today to fund our expedition! 


About Global Discovery Expeditions: 

Global Discovery Expeditions is a program of Greater Good Charities, dedicated to exploring, studying, and protecting key biodiversity hotspots facing imminent threat and loss by providing the initial key step in conservation – the observation and recording of living species within an ecosystem.

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