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Interactive Tether Tug Toy

Medium Uber

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SKU: S- 153093

Does your pup looove to play tug of war, but the next day, your muscles totally hate you? Most dogs can long outplay their owners, but now there’s a great solution for your aching arms, back, or neck – the Tether Tug! It’s easy to set up and even easier for your pup to play with. Simply drive the metal base of the Tether Tug into the ground, insert the Tether Tug, and attach your pet’s favorite toy. Your pup can play for hours! Both Fido and your muscles will thank you the next day!

  • Allows your dog to play WHENEVER they want, even if you're not around
  • Encourages cardiovascular health
  • Durable construction handles even the strongest pooch
  • Helps to avoid destructive behavior in and around your home
  • This toy will tire your dog out like no other toy on the market!
  • Quick snap attachment allows for easy change to new tether toys
  • Knotted rope toy attached to the end making for the perfect overall tug toy
  • Perfect toy for the summer!
  • Medium: for dogs 15-35 lbs
    XLarge: for dogs over 60 lbs
    Uber: for dogs 100+ lbs
  • Made in the U.S.A

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