Build A Boarding School For Forgotten Children

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Put a roof over 100 school children in Senegal to provide them with a proper education and help them out of poverty.

According to a recent report by UNICEF, there are up to 100,000 child beggars in Senegal. Traditionally, in Senegal parents are contracted with Marabouts (teachers) who then raise and provide an education to their children. In exchange for this education, the families would then provide compensation or gifts to the Marabouts. A single Marabout typically has anywhere from twenty to several hundred children in their care. During the day, these children are sent out into the streets to beg for their Marabouts. If they come home with nothing, they are often faced with consequences.

These street children are poor, have little to no food, and are being pulled out of school to roam the streets. Although little education is provided by Marabouts, it's not sufficient enough for these children to grow into productive, working members of society.

The Forgotten Children are building a boarding school that will hold about 100 kids. This will give these children an opportunity to live safely, while gaining a real education to give them a hope of growing successful to one day provide a living for themselves.

You can help. Just $8.15 helps build 5 square feet of the boarding school!

Watch The Forgotten Children's progress building the boarding school:

The Forgotten Children is a not-for-profit organization formed with the intention to help and provide assistance to the "Street Children" in the region of Mbour Senegal (West Africa). The organization's focus is to identify and utilize resources to collect food, household items, clothes, etc. in order to eliminate hunger among the "Street Children" and to take care of their basic needs because we believe that no child should be left alone, hungry and helpless.
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