Help A Veteran Return Home and Thrive!

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Help veterans returning home to reintegrate into society through organic farming!

Returning veterans often have difficulty reintegrating to society. In fact, an average of 22 American heroes—one every 65 minutes—commit suicide per day. Isolation from friends and family is often a precursor to both self-harm and suicide. The inability to openly communicate with family, civilian peers, and even trained medical professionals often adds to the stress they feel every day. With very few places where returning vets can meet and offer each other support, coupled with the stigma associated with seeking mental health services, many veterans never actually seek the help and support they need.

Growing Veterans helps eliminate the isolation and seclusion preceding veteran suicide and self harm by teaching returning vets how to grow sustainable food, rejoin civilian society, and to help support other veterans in their valiant efforts towards reintegration. Returning soldiers learn the process of sustainable farming in Washington State, attend farmers markets, and learn crucial social skills as they return to civilian life. In 2015, over 500 veteran and community volunteer members produced 32,000 pounds of food, distributing a large majority to those in need. With your help, their training will become increasingly available to more veterans and service organizations, as well as provide more opportunity for veterans to actually train on Growing Veteran's farm.

Even a small donation of just $10 can help get these veterans the training they need. Help reintegration go smoothly!

Growing Veterans is a registered 501(c)(3) working to combine veteran reintegration with sustainable agriculture by creating a holistic solution to fighting the multitude of negative stigmas faced by the entirety of the veteran population. By targeting veteran isolation, and providing endless peer support, Growing Veterans provides a space where veterans can work together and with the community to have a full and successful transition home.

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