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Rosy is a refugee from Myanmar who has overcome all odds to finish her secondary school education. Now she needs your help to attend nursing school at Assumption University in Bangkok, Thailand.

Help us reach our goal of raising $8,654 to fully fund the remainder of her college education!

Funds raised over the goal amount will help other deserving girls like Rosy attend school in Thailand. 


Just $7,554.00.00 MORE NEEDED!

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Rosy is a 19-year-old living in Mae Sot, Thailand. She was born in a refugee camp after her parents left their war-torn homeland of Myanmar. Rosy attended the Children's Development Center for her primary school education and is a recent high school graduate. Her father works with the Back Pack Health Worker Team, an organization that provides primary health care to remote areas in Myanmar. Rosy wants to follow in her fathers footsteps by providing humanitarian aid in the field of nursing. Two years ago she volunteered at Mae Tao Clinic and knew she had found her passion and career path. She needs your help to make this dream a reality.

"According to WHO's research, Myanmar is one of the worst health care systems in the world. As I am very close to Myanmar, I know the situation better. It is very difficult to get health care for poor and people from remote areas. To access government hospital they have to travel far away from their village as well as they have to pay a lot and it is very expensive. Also, people do not get a lot of health education. So, those difficulties could be energizing my dream, to be a nurse. After I am graduated from the University as a nurse, I will help fix this problem. I also have a dream to build my own clinic and I will give health care and teach people how to stop diseases and stay healthy."

With your help, we can send Rosy to Assumption University for a year! Your donation helps cover the costs of tuition, registration, uniforms, health care, and living costs for her first year of Nursing school. Born as a refugee, Rosy has worked so hard to make a positive impact on the world. For just $15, you can bring Rosy one step closer to her degree.

Consider making a monthly gift. When you give just $15 monthly, you can ensure Rosy or another girl in Thailand has a permanent scholarship until she graduates.

Report from the Field

May 2018

Thanks to your generous donations, Rosy and her classmates have reached a milestone, their capping ceremony! A capping ceremony symbolizes a student's commitment to becoming a nurse, and marks the halfway point in their nursing education at Assumption University. Rosy and her classmates now have just two more years of nursing school before they graduate from the program and begin serving their community.

Your donations have also helped Mae Tao Clinic sustain its accreditation and support the students in the nursing college. Through their hands-on training, Rosy and her classmates will improve the quality of healthcare at the Mae Tao Clinic and its community. Your continued support will carry Rosy and her classmates through the completion of Nursing College at Assumption University and improve healthcare in the region. 

About GROW:

GROW (Girls' Right to Opportunity Worldwide), a signature project of, is dedicated to improving girls' well being by supporting and monitoring innovating projects that identify and remove barriers to girls' education across the globe. 


About Mae Tao Clinic:

The Mae Tao Clinic (MTC) is a health service provider and training center, established to contribute and promote accessible quality health care among displaced Burmese and ethnic people along the Thai-Burma border. In addition to the comprehensive services provided at its onsite facilities, MTC also promotes general health through partnerships with other community-based organizations. They are advocated for social and legal services, as well as access to education for people living along the border.

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