Save the Snow Leopard


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Help end the poaching and killing of snow leopards.

Poaching of snow leopards is very real and is taking place right now. Snow leopards share habitat with herder communities. Owing to this close association between people and nature, losses in the form of livestock depredation by snow leopards are pervasive, and can be devastating to herder families who rely on their livestock for survival. Rural herders face annual livestock losses to snow leopard attacks that can reach as high as 12-13%, representing tremendous financial hardship that can provoke poaching and retaliatory killing. partners with Snow Leopard Trust to provide an economic opportunity through an income-generating handicraft program called "Snow Leopard Enterprises" that helps offset livestock losses from snow leopard predation. Local herders (98% women) are provided training to make high quality handicrafts. Snow Leopard Trust buys the handicrafts at mutually-agreed, fair market prices so that women can rely on regular handicraft income; and sells the items internationally. Herders are required to sign conservation agreements promising to protect the snow leopard and the cat's key prey species from poaching or retribution killing.

You can help. Just $8 supports 1 Week of Training for 1 Woman. With your support, Snow Leopard Trust can help educate communities and empower women to keep the snow leopards safe.

The Snow Leopard Trust's mission is to conserve the majestic and rare snow leopard and its Central Asia mountain ecosystem through community-based conservation, rigorous science and education. With field offices in China, India, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia and Pakistan, the Snow Leopard Trust's goal is to address and reduce the threats to the snow leopard that include persecution by rural people due to livestock depredation, habitat degradation and fragmentation, poaching for trade in pelts and bones, loss of wild prey, and lack of conservation awareness.

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