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Help Fabiola achieve her dream of becoming a nurse! Help us reach our goal of raising $900 to send Fabiola to school in Uganda.

Funds raised over the goal amount will help other deserving girls like Fabiola attend Matenwa Community Center Learning School in Haiti.  

Fabiola Calix is a 15-year-old living in Matènwa, Haiti. Her mother is an embroiderer and her father is a mechanic. The oldest of three siblings, she enjoys playing the role of big sister in her family. Her favorite hobby is reading and she is grateful to have the opportunity to gain more knowledge at school. Fabiola loves the community of Matènwa, but struggles with the fact that some people have to cut down trees to make charcoal for a living. Her investment in the local community is obvious—when she grows up, she wants to stay in Matènwa as a nurse to make sure others can live healthier lives.

"In this society, without an education you are not valued. And so in the future, I want to help those who can't help themselves. My dream is to become a nurse, so I can heal the sick in my community, help fix the roads and be a good citizen." - Fabiola Calix

With your help, Fabiola can finish secondary school and move on to vocational school to become a nurse. Fabiola is the first generation of her family to attend secondary school on the Island of La Gonâve, Haiti. is supporting the build out of the Matènwa Community Learning Center (MCLC), the only secondary school on La Gonâve! Your donation goes directly to Friends of Matènwa, helping them give Fabiola and girls like her access to the education they deserve. 

Fabiola is a Girls' Voices Scholar!

Fabiola participates in Girls' Voices,'s signature girls’ empowerment program ensuring that girls around the world complete secondary school and gain the confidence they need to succeed.

During Girls’ Voices, Fabiola learned media skills to tell her story. Watch her video now to learn about why she fights for an education.


About Girls' Voices
Girls' Voices is a pilot program of intended to raise funds for girls' secondary education through media made by girls. Our goal is for girls around the world to connect to their voice, their dreams for their education, and use the power of digital media to create images, stories, and visual metaphors that can communicate their strength and potential to the world. The intention of this project is to empower girls to utilize videography and to raise funds, 100% of which will directly contribute to scholarship funds for girls facing financial barriers to completing secondary education.

About Matenwa Community Learning Center School:
Matènwa Community Learning Center School (MCLC) is the first ever institution providing secondary eduction on the island of La Gonâve, Haiti. MCLC is the country's only recognized model school. USAID and the Haitian Ministry of Education have publicly acknowledged the high quality of teaching at MCLC. Teachers who work at the school have undergone rigorous training to ensure students have the safest and best possible learning experience. Not only do students receive a quality education, they receive a hot breakfast every morning.
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