Provide Education for Villages in Rural Cambodia

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Help provide life skills training to villages to improve their standard of living!

Cambodia's economic growth is as high as it has ever been, yet the effects of this growth are really only seen in cities—with many rural areas being left behind. Three quarters of the rural economy is subsistence farming, with little value attached to education. For this reason, many are left without basic formal education or an understanding of basic socio-economic and environmental aptitude. This not only leads to falling productivity in agriculture and employment, but it also reduces health standards, social issues (such as alcoholism and domestic violence) and future prospects.

To address this problem, Journeys Within Our Community (JWOC) is dedicated to providing villagers a free of cost of education and training to improve standards of living and livelihood opportunities. Through training on topics such as Hygiene, Good Parenting, Financial Literacy, Maternal Health and Nutrition, JWOC's Community Support program provides villages with a foundation for a healthy, productive and happy lifestyle. Scholarship participants of similar backgrounds teach all training courses. This innovative approach serves as an inspiration for students—providing brilliant examples to both adults and children of what is achievable through education.

You can help. Just $5 provides one student with a complete curriculum and materials for one life skills course. Join JWOC's mission to provide free education to rural Cambodians by donating today!

Report from the Field

June 2017

Donors like you helped JWOC provide hygiene training to 465 students, maternal health training for 105 women, financial literacy training for 24 people and positive parenting training for 19 people in 2017.

Journeys Within Our Community (JWOC) develops projects in Southeast Asia that reduce poverty levels, increase educational and economic opportunities, and empower recipients and supporters, inspiring ongoing social change.

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