Provide Animal-Assisted Therapy for Disabled Children

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Improve the lives of disabled children in Armenia by providing Animal-assisted therapy!

Today, the state of animal welfare in Armenia is decades behind many of its western European counterparts. Just seven years ago a local Armenian group aimed to create a facility where disabled children could heal through animal-assisted therapy. Using animals for therapeutically is quite a progressive thought in this nation - particularly catered towards disabled children. Today, Centaur Hippotherapy Center has made this vision a reality.

Centaur is the first and only Animal-assisted therapy center in Armenia. With the help of six horses, two cats and forty-two dogs, Centaur helps children with disabilities and ailments harmonize with nature to promote recovery. Through the use of Hippotherapy - a physical, occupational, and speech-language therapy treatment strategy - forty disabled children heal through the movement of horses. Therapy dogs are also trained to give disabled children a sense of calm when they go to the ranch. Centaur hopes to continue promoting the improvement of animal welfare throughout Armenia through their progressive use of Animal-assisted therapy.

You can help. Just $27.40 will cover one full days cost of food and full-time care for all of the horses, dogs and cats at Centaur Hippotherapy Center.

Centaur Hippotherapy Center is the first and only Animal-Assisted Therapy center in Armenia. Their primary mission is to help disabled children live in harmony with Nature and heal through the use of Animal-Assisted Therapy.

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