Solar-Powered Running Water for Orphans

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Give orphans reliable access to water by providing a solar-powered well water system!

Access to clean and reliable drinking water is a complex and multifaceted issue in Sierra Leone. Develop Africa'™s Dream Home orphanage for Ebola Orphans is no exception. The orphanage currently obtains water from a nearby well 65 feet underground—a labor-intensive and time-consuming endeavor. Water obtained from the well is then added to large drums near the building. Children have to carry water long distances and use water from buckets for drinking/bathing. The time and energy spent on this task limit children's' ability to focus on receiving a quality education.

By installing a unique solar-powered well system, children at the Dream Home will have access to a clean, renewable water source for years to come. Children will be able to receive water directly from a faucet. This piped water supply will enhance cleanliness, providing better health and sanitation for the children living at this orphanage.

You can help. Just $10 provides 10 gallons of running water per day for approximately 20 years. Help give these children a sanitary, long-term water solution!

Update from the Field

August 2017

Raised platform

Thanks to YOUR donations, Develop Africa's Dream Home has been able to purchase a water tank and connect the existing well to the tank, as well as construct a raised platform for the water tank (pictured to the right). Because the piped water supply is not complete, running water is still a luxury for children living in the Dream Home. With your continued support, Develop Africa hopes to finally install the solar pump and renovate the bathrooms and make getting water for daily tasks more convenient and less time consuming.

July 2017

Donors like you helped purchase and install the needed equipment for running water supply from the well. This piped water supply will enhance cleanliness, providing better health and sanitation for the children living in the Dream Home. Two children living in the Dream home are extremely grateful for your donations. One of them is Mariatu, she is in class 3 and dreams of becoming a lawyer when she grows up. Mariatu lost both her parents to Ebola. She lives in the Dream Home Orphanage and having running water would benefit her daily. Another child helped is. Duada became an orphan during the Ebola crisis and now resides with his 3 sisters at the Dream Home. He is in class 2 and would also like to be a lawyer when he grows up.

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