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We All Have Angels In Our Lives Ornament

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This very popular Angelito ("little angel") represents that we all have angels in our lives! Each one is handmade in the Chenautla region of Guatemala and comes in its own colorful bag.

The lovely terracotta piece is made from the riverbed clay of the Chenautla area of Guatemala. Families sculpt each piece by hand, dry it in the sun, paint it with a red clay slip, polish it, and then finally fire it. The firing process involves placing the objects on a grate above a pine bark fire with a covering of grass for two to three hours. The occasional unique black spot can sometimes be found on the piece and is a tribute to this ancient firing process.

  • Hand-molded, hand-fired terracotta clay
  • 100% cotton gift bag
  • 2" H x 1.5" W (5.1 x 3.5 cm)
  • Handmade in & fairly traded from Guatemala

Bag color varies. Please let us choose for you!

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