Saving America's Community Cats

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Help provide services that not only makes a cat's life better, but helps prevent a future kitten explosion!

More cats are euthanized in America's shelters than any other animal. According to a recent study, there are more than 70 million outdoor community cats in the United States alone. These community cats are often taken to shelters, and sadly this accounts for a large majority of euthanasia of cats in the U.S.

Operation Catnip is working to break this cycle permanently by training veterinarians, mentoring other programs, and bringing our successful model for a large-scale spay/neuter and vaccination clinic to every community. Based out of Gainesville, Florida, Operation Catnip is starting to bring this model to communities across the United States. With your support, we can help make this vision a reality!

You can help. Just $25 will provide proper medications for cats needing extra medical support during spay/neuter. Help end the cycle of community cat overpopulation today!

Report from the Field

May 2018

rhino update

"Operation Catnip is more than just spay/neuter. Your donations provide life—saving surgeries for cats that would otherwise never receive care. This adorable kitten is one of those lucky cats. When a kind family found her at their work dragging her back leg, they didn't know what to do but they called Operation catnip for help. This tiny kitten was brought to our May 7th CatnipSunday clinic for evaluation. Our volunteer veterinarians were able to examine her and come up with a plan. Dr Tupler from Alachua County Animal Services was able to safely amputate her injured leg the following day and the Alachua County Humane Society's vet staff provided follow-up exams. Her finder's kept her inside and monitored her recovery. As I'm sure no one is surprised to hear, this spunky girl's finders fell in love and now they are her family. Despite their initial insistence that they didn't need another cat, they now have a new very much loved tri-pawed family member.

At Operation Catnip, we talk a lot about spay-neuter surgery; it’s the cornerstone of our work saving lives and preventing unwanted litters. But this little kitty's ordeal shows that Catnip is more than spaying and neutering. Our community cats need an advocate. They needed someone to speak up and make the options known. The ongoing support of organizations like yours made it possible for Operation Catnip's team member's to be there when help is needed the most. "

Operation Catnip saves feline lives by setting the standard of operation for accessible, compassionate, large-scale spay/neuter and vaccination services for free-roaming cats. Now they're bringing this model to communities across the U.S. by training veterinarians, mentoring other programs, and continuing to provide hands-on care for cats, improving their lives and those of the communities and neighborhoods in which they live.

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