Help Filipino Families Fight Waterborne Illness


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Help give Filipino families access to clean drinking water!

Over 50 million people in the Philippines have little or no access to clean water. Ingesting dirty water increases the risk of contracting water borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid and hepatitis A. Children are particularly susceptible. In fact, potentially preventable water borne illness is the number one cause of death in the Philippines.

Our partner organization is on the ground working hard to help Filipino families gain access to clean water. By providing biosand water filters, sanitation training and family de-worming, Clean Water International Philippines helps protect families against potentially life threatening diseases.

You can help. Just $5.00 goes toward the cost of a life saving filter.

Report from the Field
School Children Thanking

May 2018

YOUR contributions provided four families with clean water for life! To date, Clean Water International Philippines has given the gift of clean water to 72 individuals in rural communities in the Philippines. Your donations have reduced the incidence of water and hygiene-related diseases by improving access to safe, clean drinking water through the biosand filters. Your donations have also helped to provide a biosand filter to a school in the Philippines (pictured above). The school officials are so grateful to know for sure the water their children are drinking is safe and clean. They use the filtered water for cooking as well as drinking, like most people who receive the biosand filter. Without the filter, individuals have to boil water to remove harmful bacteria, but this still leaves small sediments and pieces of leaves and grass in the spring water. Biosand filters are changing the health and lives of every individual in the Philippines lucky enough to receive one. With your continued support, we can give the gift of clean water to hundreds more individuals in need in the Philippines.


The most recent grant delivered and installed biosand filters in Purok Tinaguan, Barangay Langub and Barangay Gumalang. The beneficiaries also underwent Water, Sanitation and Hygiene training. These biosand filters are providing clean water to many families in the area.

Clean Water International Philippines is a principle centered organization who is proactive in community empowerment through its clean water advocacy.

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